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SHOW Announces New Fee Structure For 2010

The Board of Directors of SHOW announces a totally new fee model for 2010.  The new concept will allow SHOW to move forward with superior personnel and continued improvements in the inspection process, judging program, rulebook and member benefits.  Highlights of the new fee structure are as follows:
• There will be NO inspection fee charges to any show management regardless of how many times a horse shows in SHOW events
• Horse Shows will pay NO affiliation fees
• Judges and DQPs will pay NO licensing fees
• There will be an annual one-time fee of $100 per horse to
show in SHOW affiliated shows  

The fee structure is simple, efficient and economical.  After a horse receives its SHOW HORSE CARD, an owner, trainer or exhibitor from any horse related group or other Horse Industry Organization (HIO) can show that horse at any SHOW affiliated event with NO additional affiliation, inspection or amateur status charges at a show.  SHOW is aware of horses that would only show at a SHOW affiliated event one or two times a year and is considering alternative fee structures to address these horses.

Additionally, under the SHOW umbrella, there will be no charge for judges to obtain their judges' license.  Designated Qualified Persons (DQP) will not pay a licensing fee and the horse show will not pay an Affiliation Fee to affiliate with SHOW.  The most significant item is that SHOW affiliated shows will not pay an inspection fee to SHOW. The Show Manager will simply pay for the DQP’s session fee and expenses exactly the way they pay their judges.  This method is much more affordable for one night shows or pleasure horse shows who typically pay $10 per horse inspected or $4-$6 per horse inspected PLUS all DQP costs. 

Dr. Doyle Meadows, CEO of SHOW said, “The new fee structure is a win-win for everyone involved as there is something beneficial in the fee structure for all organizations.  The owner only has to pay a one-time yearly fee for their horse, and Show Management does not have to pay any inspection fees to SHOW.  The SHOW HORSE CARD program will enable Show Management to attract more horses without worrying about inspection costs.  Their inspection costs will now be a much lower fixed cost.  The health of our walking horse industry relies to a great measure on the health of our shows.  This new fee structure will allow them to generate larger profits and encourage new shows.   Those Show Managers we have been able to talk with have greeted this new fee structure with great enthusiasm. Charitable organizations and walking horse shows have long had a bond between them, and this new fee structure will allow charities across the country to benefit more.” 

“There has always been a concern about the number of times a pleasure horse shows, and they pay a significant amount of money during a one-year period. This new fee structure allows the pleasure horse and all other Tennessee Walking Horses that show at a SHOW affiliated event to show as many times as they want and not be required to pay multiple inspection fees.  Also, when a SHOW HORSE CARD is issued, the horse’s name, registration number and current owner are displayed on the card.  This card will be fully transferable to a new owner at any time during that year.” 

Mr. Charles McDonald, chairman of the SHOW Board of Directors said, “This new fee structure compared to those currently being used by both SHOW and other HIOs is far more economical to all owners.  In 2008 (NHSC) and 2009 (NHSC and SHOW), the owner paid a $60 fee for an amateur card and up to a $10 fee per inspection, depending on the affiliation type.  If a horse only showed five times throughout the year, the new fee would be less expensive for the owner and significantly more economical for shows affiliated with SHOW than it has been in the past.  The only potential issue under this new fee structure is the owner that only shows a few times during the year and we are looking at several alternatives there as well.  It is our feeling that this new fee structure will encourage people to show more often as there will be NO additional costs. Moreover, owners can show at any SHOW affiliated show no matter which show circuit they normally show in.”

“We have met several times with the Walking Horse Owners’ Association, who previously issued the amateur cards recognized and required by the NHSC and SHOW," said Meadows.  "WHOA informed us recently of their plans to additionally fund themselves through horse show development as they look to manage between 50-100 horse shows in future years.  We looked at ways to include the amateur card in the SHOW program but WHOA has plans to affiliate with other HIOs in addition to SHOW. We did not want to interfere or restrict WHOA’s expansion plans and therefore without all WHOA horse shows being affiliated with SHOW our board did not feel comfortable requiring our exhibitors and owners to purchase a WHOA Amateur Card." 

The WHOA amateur card was recognized by the NHSC during the time period that WHOA was a member organization of the NHSC.  “We are very sensitive to the challenges WHOA is facing and share in many of those same challenges.  We have listened to WHOA show management, as they affiliate more shows with SHOW currently than any other organization.  Our new program will allow WHOA, just like all other show managers, to profit more from their horse shows that they affiliate with SHOW, as they will owe SHOW nothing, no matter the number of shows, entries inspected or discipline of the show,” continued Meadows.

“Our owners and exhibitors are extremely important to our HIO and the walking horse industry," said McDonald. "This new fee structure, while maybe not perfect, does allow SHOW to answer the call our owners and the industry made to implement the white paper, continue the transformation of the image of the Tennessee Walking Horse, hire veterinarian oversight and professionalize the inspection process.  HIOs previously were not tasked with these initiatives.  We are very proud that this new fee structure has benefits to the owner, exhibitor, show management, walking horse trainer and member organizations across the industry."

McDonald will appoint a committee to continue to discuss with WHOA the amateur card and its potential recognition by SHOW.  “We have asked WHOA on several occasions if they are willing to affiliate all of their horse shows with SHOW, but to this point they have not been able to answer that question.  It is our understanding this issue will be raised at their October 31, 2009 board meeting.  After that meeting and decision by WHOA, our committee will be happy to sit down and discuss possible solutions with WHOA,” concluded McDonald.

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