Frequently Asked Questions On SHOW’s New Fee Structure

Q - Can I pay on an installment basis?
A – No.  An installment payment plan is not available at this time. 
Q - I am a show manager of a small show.  If we have to pay for the DQP, wouldn't my show lose money?
A – It is still possible for you to lose money.  Overall we are trying to reduce the costs for both our one-night and multiple night shows.  It is our intent to look at some of these shows that are in outlying areas and assist them with their show.  We are willing to work with any show and it is not our desire for every show to not be successful.  If the shows are successful then the industry and the availability to show our horses will be enhanced.

Q – Will there be a reduced fee to register multiple horses I own or an early registration discount?
A – We are looking into both early registration and multiple horse discounts on SHOW horse cards.

Q – Why do other HIOs not need the same funding SHOW does to survive?  Aren’t all HIOs required to follow the same guidelines from the USDA?
A – Every HIO has different financial responsibilities.  It is our intent to have the best personnel and oversight possible, including accredited veterinarians, while implementing the white paper.  This commitment is unmatched by any other HIO and comes with a financial price.  USDA does not address the finances of each HIO.  It is left up to the individual HIO to address and finance their program.

Q - What about other gaited breeds as far as the $100 annual fee?  Some of our shows have Spotted/Racking/Rocky Mtn horses.
A – This will be looked at and decisions made for the benefit of the owner and show management.

Q - There are shows around VA, etc. which offer Go As You Please/All Day Easy Gait classes which are for backyard non-registered horses.  Will these horses have to have a $100 SHOW Horse Card?
A – A non-registered horse that would have to go through our program to show in this type class at one of our events would be exempt from the fee.  We will release a list of exemptions for specialty classes as they are finalized.  For example, it would not be fair to charge a mule a $100 SHOW card to show at one of our premier Walking Horse shows.

Q – Will there be a cap on the expense of the DQP to the horse show?  Will more DQPs be recruited that live closer to areas such as the West Coast, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, etc.?
A – Our DQPs will be fair and reasonable with their expenses but there is not going to be a cap on their expenses.  However a very big priority is recruitment of qualified DQPs in those areas where expenses would be prohibitive to the horse show to send DQPs from long distances.  Obviously, the length and size of the show will impact expenses.

Q – Will lead line entries be required to purchase the $100 SHOW card?
A – No.

Q – If the USDA shows up at our horse show and reduces entries will any break on the costs of DQPs be given to the one-night show?
A – No.  The DQP has committed both the time and expenses to be there and has nothing to do with whether or not the USDA attends the show.  It is our hope and goal that USDA presence at our shows will not be disruptive but rather cooperative in enforcing the Horse Protection Act to the betterment of the show and the industry.

Q – Is the SHOW fee structure based on the one night show in Middle Tennessee?  Have you thought about the small regional shows that are in outlying areas that don’t have many entries?
A – Yes we have and we plan to address that concern as we move forward with this program.  Several show managers have asked this question and we fully intend to address this concern immediately.  One of the purposes of the SHOW fee structure is to ensure the growth and prosperity of all horse shows.  Show managers and SHOW will be working together for the benefit of the show, the trainers, the exhibitors, the owners and the industry.

Q – Is there an entry number level where this structure becomes more economical to the horse show than the per entry fee like previous years?
A – The variable here that prevents an answer to this question would be the expenses of the DQP(s) (meals, mileage, hotel).  If your horse show had 200 entries this year you paid the $50 affiliation fee plus the $2,000 in inspection fees.  Under the new plan you would pay for two DQPs which is $175 each plus their expenses, approximately $300 each.  Under the new fee structure, your horse show in 2010 would have reduced inspection expense of approximately $1,000.

Q – You say the $100 horse SHOW card is the only thing I will pay for the inspections all year long.  However I showed 10 times in 2009 but did not pay an inspection fee.
A – Yes you did pay an inspection fee.  Most shows built their inspection fee into their entry fee and it wasn’t broken out differently.  You were charged an inspection fee by the horse show.

Q – What is the cost of the DQP sent by SHOW?  Is this fee per session or per day?
A – $175 per session.

Q – Will divisions such as the halter division get a break on the $100 SHOW Card?
A – Not at this time, however we are in the process of determining the availability of all divisions at our horse shows across the country. 

Q - In regards to the DQPs and their session fee, will SHOW still decide which DQP goes to which show and will there be a fixed rate, or will shows hire and negotiate a rate with DQPs just like they do judges?
A – SHOW will decide which DQPs are assigned to each show and there will be a fixed rate.  DQPs will not be allowed to negotiate a rate.

Q - Will I have to seek out & hire my DQP's as opposed to SHOW having assigned them in the past?  Will the DQP session fees be uniform for ALL DQP's? How about the DQP's expenses - uniform charge per mile, etc?
A – The DQPs will be assigned by SHOW and will have a fixed session rate and fixed charges per mile, etc.