Editor's Note:  The following letter was sent to all persons holding SHOW judge's licenses.

As most of you may know, earlier this year when SHOW, PRIDE & HAWHA agreed to come under one umbrella as PSHA, it was agreed that all paperwork would be handled through the SHOW office.  All Judges who were licensed with PRIDE and HAWHA were subsequently added to the SHOW list of judges.

Now that HAWHA has decided to remove itself from the PSHA those Judges names have been removed from the SHOW approved list.

For those of you who may not know PSHA and SHOW have agreed to utilize the SHOW Rulebook which requires any of its Judges to only be licensed by SHOW.  Following is the rule directly stated:

No individual may retain their license as a SHOW judge, if that individual acts in the capacity of horse show judge, or in the capacity of a principal, officer, director, committee member, or substantially similar position, for any other HIO, unless approved by the SHOW Board of Directors.

We understand that prior to the unifying of the groups some judging contracts had already been signed and airfare, hotels, etc. already been paid for months prior to those horse shows and we do not wish to put any hardship on a Judge or a horse show.  If this is the case for you, please forward a copy of any signed contracts to the SHOW office so that they can be forwarded to the Board of Directors for their final determination.

From this point forward, should anyone be a licensed Judge for any other HIO, you are in violation of the SHOW Rule Book.  If it is your decision to continue as a Judge for any other HIO, please notify the SHOW office immediately so that your name may be removed from our Judges List.