Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows has announced that the newly activated SHOW HIO will be using the rulebook formerly used by the National Horse Show Commission (NHSC).  The NHSC had recently printed 2,500 rulebooks.
“I see no reason for the added expense to print another rule book since the one currently in use has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.  I discussed this with the USDA’s Rachel Cezar last week and she agreed to the decision,” said Meadows.

We will begin work on a new rule book for 2010 as soon as show season ends,” added Meadows.  “We encourage anyone with suggestions or ideas for improvements to the rules to send us their written recommendations.”

Committees for both owners and trainers will assist in developing content for the 2010 rule book.

SHOW submitted a proposed rule book to the USDA for their approval as an HIO when it was formed several years ago.  Since SHOW was never activated, they did not print a rule book.

All HIOs are required to submit their rule book each year to the USDA for approval.  The NHSC rule book has been approved for a number of years.