The SHOW HIO has announced that the remaining shows in 2009 will be allowed to convert to their new fee structure as a trial.  The parameters of the new fee structure will be applied but no SHOW Horse Cards will be required.  The show will be able to pay no affiliation fee, no inspection fee and only pay the DQP session fee and expenses.

“We would like to use this last month of the show season as a trial for our new fee program to gain input from show managers,” said SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.  “Our interest lies in helping horse shows across the country in 2010 thrive under our new fee structure.”

As an extension of this offer to shows for the remainder of 2009, if after the horse show the show would have done better financially under the old fee structure then the show can revert back to the old system and compensate the SHOW HIO under that system.

“Again, this shows the SHOW HIO’s commitment to the industry and benefiting the staple of the industry, the horse show.  We look forward to gaining experience and input under the system and implementing those necessary changes to move our program forward in 2010,” said SHOW chairman of the board Charles McDonald.