SHOW has announced today that it will formally begin the development of its Steward Program.  SHOW recently hired Drs. Steve Mullins and John Bennett as Co-Compliance Coordinators and turned over the enforcement of the Horse Protection Act to these two licensed American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) veterinarians.

Both veterinarians feel very strongly that a steward program is necessary as they continue to strengthen enforcement of the HPA.  The program will ensure a positive image of the show horse in the show ring.  The interim Steward Coordinator will be Spencer Benedict of Glasgow, Ky.

The program will be initiated on a trial basis beginning this weekend with the horse shows in Dickson, Lewisburg and Pulaski, Tenn.  These shows will be videoed and reviewed by Benedict and his initial list of potential stewards.  SHOW’s Sound Horse Task Force recently completed the definition of a “bad image” horse and its definition will be used as the guideline for horses in the show ring.

More information regarding the Steward Program and its goals and objectives will be released in the near future.