Late Wednesday afternoon, SHOW officials issued Violation Notices and suspended three individuals for presenting one horse for pre-show inspection and presenting a different horse at post-show inspection after competing in the class.  Hal Newman presented the horse for pre-show inspection; Josh Wall presented a different horse for post-show inspection and Frank Alvarez was listed as the trainer of record on the entry form. 

Each person received a one (1) year suspension and a one-thousand dollar ($1,000.00) fine.  Additionally, all three individuals will not be allowed on the show grounds of any horse show or other event affiliated with the SHOW HIO for the period of the suspension.  The suspension which begins immediately is also subject to written application for reinstatement at the conclusion of the one-year suspension. 

The individuals have twenty (20) days to request a hearing before a SHOW Hearing Committee; however, they will not be allowed to show or be on the grounds prior to the hearing process.

In addition SHOW will inform all HIOs of the suspension and will send all final documentation and evidence to the USDA.  SHOW will also send documentation to the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association and recommend the suspension of the licenses of all three trainers. 

SHOW is also investigating other allegations of horse swapping.