The Gallatin Lions Club Horse Show was held Saturday May 9, 2009.  Representing SHOW as Designated Qualified Persons (DQP) were Andy Messick, DQP Coordinator, Lonnie Messick and Charles Thomas.  There were six representatives from the USDA present including Veterinarian Medical Officers (VMO) Dr. Hamel, Dr. Kirsten and Dr. Binkley.  Two videographers and one security representative rounded out the delegates from the USDA.
There were 15 horses presented for inspection with two horses ticketed for unilateral sore and one for a scar rule violation.

Many opinions have been expressed over the inspection of Silver Design.  Silver Design had a “not normal” reading  on his left foot on the thermography aspect  of the USDA inspection.  The horse was inspected by the DQP and then by USDA which included the horse being hoof-tested.

Silver Design did react to the hoof testers on the right foot and was referred back to the DQP for further examination.  The DQP hoof-tested Silver Design and got the same reaction to the hoof-testers on the right foot as the USDA inspector.

The custodian of Silver Design, Jack Way, asked the DQP to allow him to take the hoof testers with him to his trailer.  At the completion of the show, Way returned the hoof testers and advised that the horse had a cracked bar on the right foot (it was later determined to be a bruised bar).

Way further advised the DQPs that he was not complaining about the fact that the horse did not get to show and admitted that the horse did have a condition that should have precluded him from showing.  His complaint, however related to the 30-day suspension for unilateral sore violation.

Way felt this was a condition he could not have been aware of and the horse was kept out of the ring.  Pursuant to protocol, the trainer was given the opportunity to take the horse back to the trailer upon being advised that he had a “not normal” reading from thermography.