The SHOW HIO recently released its inspection numbers through May 2015.  SHOW HIO inspected 1,364 horses pre-show in May along with 318 post-show inspections.  The Designated Qualified Persons (DQP) issued 19 total violations during the month broken down by 13 pre-show violations and six post-show violations.  The compliance rate was just under 99% for May.

Year-to-date, SHOW has inspected 3,060 pre-show entries and 811 post-show entries for a total of 3,871 inspections conducted.  The DQPs have written 39 pre-show violations and 11 post-show violations, a 98.7% compliance rate.  Of the 3,060 pre-show inspections, 1,851 were conducted on TWH padded performance horses, 917 on TWH flat-shod, 41 on Racking padded, 128 Racking pleasure and 123 on other gaited breeds.