The SHOW HIO has released its inspection numbers through May which show a 97.7% compliance rate.  Through May, SHOW has affiliated and conducted inspections at 58 events.  In those 58 events there have been 7,840 entries.  SHOW has issued violations 177 violations at those events.

As show season enters its busiest season, SHOW is conducting inspections at multiple events each weekend.  In May SHOW affiliated 24 events with 3,172 entries.  Of those entries SHOW issued violations to 69 entries for a 98.8% compliance rate.

“We continue to be pleased with the work of the trainers to bring compliant horses to our events.  At this point we are behind where we thought we would be in affiliated events and horse card sales, but I am proud of the work of our Designated Qualified Persons (DQPs),” said President Dr. Stephen L. Mullins.