SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – The SHOW HIO has hired Tony Edwards to fill the position of DQP Coordinator.  The spot was previously held by Andy Messick and has been vacant over the past couple of months.  Edwards has been a DQP (Designated Qualified Person) with the SHOW HIO.
Edwards gained the confidence of SHOW Co-Compliance Coordinators Drs. Steve Mullins and John Bennett along with CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows with his performance in the inspection area.  Edwards has been a team leader for SHOW DQPs during The Celebration which was recently completed.
“We are extremely happy to add Tony to our team and expand his role within the SHOW HIO,” said Meadows.  “Tony has done a wonderful job under tough circumstances and we are lucky to have him join us as DQP Coordinator,” said Mullins.  “I look forward to the progress we can make with someone of Tony’s abilities as coordinator,” concluded Mullins.
Edwards will assume his duties as coordinator immediately and will work alongside Mullins, Bennett and Meadows to continue to move SHOW forward as the industry’s largest HIO.