The SHOW HIO will begin affiliations of horse shows after the COVID-19 pandemic on May 30th. In order to stay within state and industry guidelines and to protect the safety of our inspectors and those that bring horses to inspection, all people in the inspection area will be required to wear a mask or facial covering. Our inspectors and each custodian will be required to have a facial covering while the horse is being inspected and in the inspection station. We ask that while you wait to be inspected that you maintain the proper social distancing.

SHOW also urges show management to maximize the size of the inspection area and warm-up areas at your shows so that barns can maintain social distancing while in inspection and in the warm-up area.  We are committed to maintaining proper social distancing between groups that are not from the same household or associated groups.  If horse shows elect to use multiple warm up areas, which we suggest, it will be required to have enough DQPs to monitor all of those areas.

We will continue to monitor the warm-up areas as before but will now also ask groups to maintain social distancing and for chain carts to be at least six feet apart in the warm up area. Please understand we know this is an inconvenience to us all but a necessary inconvenience in this current environment.