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Inspection results from both the SHOW HIO and the USDA are now available from the weekend shows of June 19-20, 2009.  On Friday night, June 19, 2009 the USDA attended the Liberty Lions Club Horse Show in Shelbyville, Tenn.  The show marked the first SHOW affiliated horse show under the direction of Compliance Coordinators Dr. Steve Mullins and Dr. John Bennett.  Mullins was in attendance at the show.

SHOW DQPs wrote three unacceptable violations and two unilateral sensitivity violations.  USDA VMOs took information on six unilateral sensitivity violations, three bilateral sensitivity violations and one foreign substance violation.

On Saturday night, June 20, 2009 the USDA attended the Eagleville Lions Club Horse Show in Eagleville, Tenn.  SHOW DQPs wrote one foreign substance violation, four unilateral sensitivity violations, one bilateral sensitivity violation and four horses were excused for being unruly.

USDA VMOs at Eagleville took information on four unilateral sensitivity, one bilateral sensitivity and excused one unruly horse.

SHOW DQPs wrote two scar rule violations in Arab, Al and three unacceptable violations.  Mullins was in attendance at the show in Arab, Al. 

SHOW DQPs were also in Celina, Tenn. and wrote two scar rule violations, one bilateral sensitivity violation, one illegal shoeing and one unacceptable.

USDA VMOs where also in attendance at White Pine, Tenn., a show affiliated with the Kentucky HIO.  USDA VMOs took information on six scar rule violations, two unilateral sensitivity and scar rule, one illegal shoeing, one high band and one unilateral sensitivity, scar rule and foreign substance.

The information for this report was furnished by Dr. Rachel Cezar, Horse Protection Coordinator with the USDA and Dr. Steve Mullins, Co-Compliance Coordinator with SHOW HIO.

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