The SHOW HIO recently released a new fee structure for 2010 in which horse shows will no longer pay affiliation fees or inspection fees.  As a trial, SHOW extended the opportunity for the last three shows this year to try the new fee structure.  All three horse shows, The Delta Fall Classic, Southern Championships and Franklin County utilized the new fee structure.

As part of the trial, each show was allowed to choose the fee structure, current or new, which profited it most.  In each case, the new fee structure was more beneficial to horse show management.  The new fee structure will allow SHOW to move forward with superior personnel and continued improvements in the inspection process, judging program, rulebook and member benefits.

The new fee structure is simple, efficient and economical.  Horse Show management across the country will realize savings from implementing the new fee structure.  During the trial period, the Franklin County horse show reaped large benefits from implementing the new fee structure at its one-night horse show. 

Under the old fee structure the show would have paid $10 per entry and a $50 affiliation fee.  With 262 entries that would have been $2,670 paid to SHOW.  With the new fee structure, the show only paid the $175 session fee for the DQPs and expenses of those DQPs to attend the show.  This amount totaled $783.60, saving the horse show $1,886.40.

The three-day Delta Fall Classic in Tunica, Miss. had similar results.  With 560 entries, show management under the old fee structure would have paid $5,650 in inspection fees and affiliation fees.  Under the new structure, the cost of the DQPs was $3,853.55, a savings of $1,796.45.  The high cost of travel and accommodations in Tunica, Miss. was a major factor in the expense of the DQPs.

The three-day Southern Championships in Perry, GA didn’t have the level of entries of the Delta Fall Classic but still realized a savings from implementing the new fee structure.  The Southern Championships had 251 entries which would equate to a fee of $2,560 under the old fee structure.  Under the new structure, the horse show paid DQP session fees and expenses of $2,205.58, a savings of $354.42.

The Southern Championships originally paid SHOW under the old fee structure.  However, once SHOW realized the new fee structure was more economical for show management, SHOW reimbursed the horse show with a check for the savings under the new fee structure.

Overall, these horse shows saved 37% by utilizing the new fee structure.  Franklin County saved 71%, the Delta Fall Classic saved 32% and the Southern Championships saved 14%.

Moving into 2010 SHOW will address several factors that will further increase the efficiency of its program as well as lower the costs to horse shows.  These factors include the number of DQPs sent to inspect horses, the geographical disbursement of DQPs, and more efficient videotaping of inspections.