Shelbyville, Tenn. – The 39th Annual Celebration Spring Fun Show will have a different look when it opens its three-night run on May 21, 2009.  According to Celebration officials the look will be that of the great outdoors, as this showcase event returns to its original venue of the Celebration Stadium.   The event will take place, rain or shine, in the big oval.
The Spring Fun Show began in 1970 as an event to allow trainers and owners to showcase many of the industry’s top horses early in the show season.  The show began in the outdoor arena, before Calsonic Arena was even conceived.  It remained outdoors until 1991 when Celebration officials moved the event into the recently completed indoor arena.
Now one of The Celebration’s® signature events is returning to it birthplace.  In announcing the move Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows stated “Since my tenure began last spring, I have received several comments and requests from trainers, owners and spectators asking that we move our Spring Fun Show back outdoors.  I studied the idea at length and discussed it with our Board of Directors and we all agreed that it will be a welcomed change and are excited about moving the show back outdoors.”
Celebration Board Chairman David Howard stated “The Spring Fun Show is one of the most important spring shows in our industry.  It has become a springboard toward a World Grand Championship® for many of the top horses of the breed.  We are committed to continuing that tradition.”
Although there are several details yet to be worked out concerning having the event outside, Celebration officials are beginning to put the plans together.    The Celebration® staff will operate concessions, box and reserve seat sales are being planned and the details of the Fun Show Emporium for vendors are being studied.
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