The World Grand Championship is always a competitive event at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. The qualifying classes, held the first Saturday, August 28, 2004, are split into an A and B section.

Entered in the A section are The Whole Nine Yards, Pusher's Midnight Pride, Coin's Ltd., Cold Hard Truth, I'm Unarmed, Johnny Orlando, Black Memphis, Pusher's Backstreet Boy, Armorall, Olympic Pusher, A Pusher's Force, Parableto, Push To Start, Steppin, Live N Learn, Private Charter, Pusher's High Voltage, The Snowatch, Main Power, A Shot of Gen, Chicago, A Major Masterpiece, Pride's Pattern, and Cash's All Star.

Entered in the B section are The Black Night Shade, Motown Legend, Olympian Wired, Santini, Dark Rage, Spring's Starmaker, Pride's Shadow Rider, The Total Score, Stargate, I'm Mr. Threat, King of the Jungle, Proudly In Command,  Titanium Touch, Pusher's American Patriot, Portrait of Art, Millenium Masquerade, Pusher's Veiled Threat, Julio Julio, Pusher's Phantom, Sharp Cutlery, Roy D Mercer, Freedom Fighter, He's Outlaw Josey Wales, Caught In The Crossfire and Skywatch's Masterpiece.