by Linda Scrivner

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – The Gulf Coast Charity Celebration hosted the P.C. Splash Classic at the Bedford County Agriculture Center, Wednesday, July 30, 2008, to kick off four nights of horse showing. A feeling of gaiety was prevalent at the show with 30 ringside tables and excellent food even with mud for the footing around the tables and in the ring and sprinkles of rain throughout the evening. The WHTA Riders’ Cup classes were excellent as the trainers vied for their points and the largest purse of the weekend with over $13,000 in prizes.

Michael Daniel marked the cards for the evening with 35 classes that were loaded with 204 talented horses.

Many stables brought their top horses and this was evidenced by the fact that the 35 blues went to 29 different stables or individuals. Baucom Stables led the blue ribbon tally with three winning horses, two of which were owned by Clay Mills. Mills also claimed a blue with one that he trains himself, which made him the only person to win three blues at the Splash. Dual blues went to Formac Stables, Ray Gilmer Stables, John Puckett Stables and Wink Groover. The remaining blues were won by Nelms Training Facility, Russ Thompson Stables, Robby Black Stables, Nathan Mills, Rising Star Ranch, Carla Hurley of Lead Me On Stables, Beverly Lamp of Bobo Farms, Billy Young of Triple C Stables, Todd Smith Stables, Justin Harris of Fleming Stables, Link Webb Stables, Mickey McCormick Stables, Sonny Holt Stables, Jack Way Stables, Joseph Abernathy, David Landrum Stables, Clay Mills, Steve Dunn Stables, Michelle Mercier of Hal Newman Stables, Brooks Stables, Buzzard View Stables, Charlie Green Stables, Leech Stables and Gary Edwards.

The final class of the evening was the Young Motors WHTA Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Stake. World Grand Champion Star and Gary Edwards were called from the line-up as the grand champions of the show. Reserve was awarded to Santana’s Renaissance Man and Sam Martin while Chad Williams and I’m Reagan picked up the third place position.

Complete results follow and can be viewed by clicking here.