Shelbyville, TN – Hundreds of 4-H kids, family and friends will be converging at The Celebration grounds for the State 4-H Championship Horse Show this June 20-25th to compete in events for Walking Horses, other gaited horses, western stock horses, hunters and speed events. Admission is free and the horse show will be going all day and evening Tue-Sat starting at 8 a.m. each day. On Monday, the 20th, the 4-Hers will be competing in the State Horse Judging Contest beginning at noon with the winners gaining eligibility to go on to national competitions later this summer and fall.  For more information and for the schedule of classes go to Look for these exhibitors to start arriving Sunday and Monday; and, they will be going back and forth to their homes and even to hotels in surrounding counties while here all next week!   For more information call Grey Parks at 931-625-6561.