Editor’s Note: Joni Jenne read the following statement on behalf of Free the Breeders to the TWHBEA Executive Committee.



Thank you for the opportunity to speak to the Executive Committee.  This Association and its Registry mean a great deal to me and the supporters of Free The Breeders.


On behalf of its candidates and supporters, Free The Breeders has worked diligently to ensure a fair and impartial election.  Mr. Greg Cook of Cook & Co. has told us he has no objection to holding the ballots at the Post Office until October 15th and that he would welcome representatives from both sides at the vote count.  It is the hope of Free The Breeders that TWHBEA will do the right thing today to show its members that they, too, want a fair and impartial election.


Mr. Baucom’s letter states “Free The Breeders through deceitful means continues to thrust upon the Association militant minority control.”  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Free The Breeders has run an open, honest, transparent campaign and has not impugned, libeled, or threatened anyone.  Mr. Baucom, as an officer of this great Association, has impugned every member who disagrees with the current leadership.  This is outrageous and a full apology for his comments regarding Free The Breeders should be forthcoming.


Showing a total lack of integrity, TWHBEA has used Association resources and funds to campaign for the current leadership.  Why were the views of only those supporting the current leadership allowed access to these resources and funds?  Why was Free The Breeders denied access to the membership list when it has been provided to a Canadian telemarketing company who is impugning Free The Breeders and our magnificent breed?


In closing, I pray that God will be with each of you today as you vote on issues that will affect our industry’s future.