The Celebration Association Membership has announced that $10,000.00 in cash will be given away in nightly drawings during the ten nights of The Celebration®.

Each night in center ring at 8:30 PM there will be a drawing in which participants can win from $500.00 to $3000.00 per night.  “All you have to do is register at any of our sponsored locations and be present at the horse show in order to have a chance to win the prize money,” said Donna Stone, Promotional Chairperson and Celebration Association member. 

“This promotion is being funded by local individuals, financial institutions and businesses,” said Stone. “They understand how much the Celebration contributes to our community and they wanted to take a hand in reaching out to our citizens and encourage folks to come back to the Celebration.”

Sponsors will be announced soon.  Anyone will be able to register at the sponsor’s business or at any of the participating vendors on the Celebration Grounds prior to each night’s drawing.

The holder of the winning ticket will have 10 minutes to report to Center Ring.  After time has expired, there will be another drawing.  Should no winner be identified after three tries the prize money will be added to the next night’s drawing.

“The Celebration thanks the committee and the sponsors for reaching out to our community,” said Doyle Meadows, Chief Executive Officer.  “I hope everyone will come to our horse show at least one night because I believe they will have a fantastic time!.

The Celebration will be held August 23 through September 1.  Box Seats and Reserved seats are available. For more information call The Celebration office at 931-684-5915.