Long-time Ohio Walking Horse trainer Sherrie Szucs was involved in a riding accident yesterday and is in critical condition.  Szucs suffered a fractured skull and two minor brain bleeds.  While being life-flighted to the Toledo Hospital Szucs suffered a seizure and was put into a medically enduced coma.

She is breathing completely on her own.  The feeding tube has been removed.  She is moving legs and arms, (walking short distances), sitting in a chair for a short period of time and her personality is coming back with small words and understanding. She is ordering her food.  Follow-up tests to come. Her condition has been changed from critical to fair.  She is still in ICU.  Much progress has been made.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and please continue.
Please at the request of Paul and Eli no visitors and no calls.  Recovery time is needed.  We will let you know as things progress.

The Walking Horse Report extends its thoughts and prayers to Sherrie and her family and will continue to update this story.