Mike McGartland and Frank Eichler

SHOW recently formed five task forces to serve in an advisory role as they move forward with the implementation of their Horse Industry Organization.  The Task Forces include Finance, Operating Plan, Sound Horse, Personnel and Communications.  The Task Force Chairpersons are Bob Medina, Mike McGartland, Frank Eichler, Andrew Waites and Janice Fostek, respectively.

Earlier this week, Fostek and Waites announced their committee members.  Presidents of the Walking Horse Owners’ Association, Walking Horse Trainers’ Association and Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association were asked for recommendations for chairpersons to consider.

Medina selected three individuals to serve on his Finance Task Force.  Mike Inman, Tommy Hall and David Howard will serve on the Finance Task Force.  The Finance Task Force will help with budgeting for SHOW as well as future needs for funding and sources of those monies.

Eichler selected 7 individuals to serve on the Sound Horse Task Force.  Deborah Williams, Kim Bennett, Bob Ramsbottom, Dr. Mike Harry, Link Webb, Jim Allison and Wayne Dean will serve.  The Sound Horse Task Force has already had one meeting via conference call and has begun work on identifying and prioritizing possible initiatives.  They have also begun work on the definition of sound, Horse Protection Act compliant horse. 

The Sound Horse Task Force will look into clinics and educational programs for trainers and owners, additional inspection procedures and research projects among many other things.

McGartland selected four individuals to participate in the Operating Plan Task Force.  Chad Williams, Jamie Hankins, Bob Kilgore and John T. Bobo will serve on the task force.  Work has already begun on analysis of the current operating plan and a major initiative of the task force will be to begin work on the 2010 Operating Plan.  The first meeting will occur during next week’s Fun Show.

Additional members could be added to task forces as initiatives are defined.  Each task force will continue to update SHOW on its progress on weekly conference calls.

“We are extremely pleased with the selections by the chairpersons of the SHOW Task Forces.  We asked them to include stakeholders within the industry and to include owners, trainers and breeders across the industry.  We feel confident we have an advisory group that can help with SHOW’s implementation of an independent HIO,” said Celebration and SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.

Meadows continued, “Our efforts will be enhanced by the members of the task force but we will not be successful without the input and support of all industry stakeholders.  We take great responsibility in the task we have undertaken and feel confident in the future of the Tennessee Walking Horse.”