Dear Tommy and Mark,

I wanted to share with you the joy that children in my classroom are getting through your donation of extra ribbons that were not used at the International and other WHOA events.  I have used the ribbons as an incentive for the children to become     better spellers and to learn their multiplication tables.  I suspect my class has the highest spelling average of any class at Stewartsboro Elementary.  I give the test early on Friday mornings and they can't wait for me to have a chance to get the papers graded so they can get their ribbon.  They learned the first week that the color of the ribbon plays no part in this.  The idea is just to GET a ribbon.  They love to parade to the lunchroom and in the dismissal line in the afternoons with their ribbons hooked into the necks of their shirts. I have had parents tell me that they have never had their child ask them to help them learn their spelling words before.  Parents have also told me that their child's room is plastered with ribbons hanging all over the walls. 


We have learned about reusing and recycling this year and I truly am so grateful to you for allowing us to reuse the ribbons that might otherwise have been stored away somewhere or trashed.  There has been a side benefit to you from all of this as well.  My children have become very Tennessee Walking Horse savvy and are begging their parents to bring them to a show.  Hopefully, you will see them at some of your shows this summer.  Thank you, once again, for sharing.


Mrs. Patsy Newberry
Third Grade Teacher
Stewartsboro Elementary
Smyrna, Tennessee