The Heart of America, PRIDE and Kentucky HIOs have agreed to implement the Walking Horse Trainers' Association's Enforcement Initiative, joining the SHOW HIO who had previously agreed to implement.  The enforcement initiative will use Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry technology to detect if any caustic substances or masking agents have been used in preparation of the horse.

The new initiative will use independent veterinarian technicians to swab horses prior to entering inspection before they show.  Results will be sent to an independent laboratory for testing and any violation of the initiative will result in a two-week suspension of the license of the trainer. All violations will be reported on the WHTA web site and sent to the HIOs to post on their web sites.

Funding for the program has been provided by the new Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization (TWSHO) through donations received from owners and trainers.  The industry swabbing program was implemented at the first horse shows last night, June 15, in Shelbyville, Tenn. and Marshall, TX.