Posted March 13, 2002
Since 1998, Bridlewood has conducted organized tours, exposing thousands to the Tennessee Walking Horse breed. On February 20, Bridlewood Farm hosted three groups totaling 200, making this Bridlewood’s largest tour to date. These groups toured Bridlewood in conjunction with the tour agencies Destination Nashville and Helen Moskovitz and Associates.

After watching an educational video explaining the history and traits of the Tennessee Walking Horse, the guests were usered into the unique Stallion Center by public relations director, Tanya Hopper, where they were introduced to Bridlewood’s World Champion stallion lineup. Guests were able to pet and pose for pictures with the stallions.

Two of the groups were treated to an exhibition of 1999 World Grand Champion RPM, ridden by stallion manager, Larry Lowman II, while breeding manager, Scott Williams explained the three gaits of the walking horse. Another group watched Larry and Scott work two colts, both just started under saddle. All three groups were impressed by gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse and had many questions pertaining to subjects such as shoeing, action devices, and how our colts are developed into show horses.

The next leg of the tour took guests to the breeding barn where they were explained the entire breeding process from teasing barren mares to collecting the stallions’ semen, and preparation of the semen, which is shipped world wide. Also explained was the procedure for breeding mares on the farm. Guests commented they were quite amazed at the many factors and elements including in running a successful breeding operation and seemed impressed with Bridlewood’s system.

Each segment of the tour ended with a question and answer session. Bridlewood Farm is the only farm to give organized tours, the objective of which is to educate people not only on running a breeding operation, but the Tennessee Walking Horse in general. Bridlewood’s tours expose thousands to the breed yearly.