Jimmy and Jackie McConnell have taken control of the Three-Year-Old Division of the Report High Point Standings with their horses capturing the first three places.  Jimmy leads the pack with Hey Hey Ole while Jackie has Hydrostatic in second place and Santa Monica third.

   Hey Hey Ole is undefeated with wins at the National Trainers Show, Mississippi State Charity and Panama City resulting in 60 points for proud owners Bob and Mary Medina. 

   Ole is also second in the Amateur Three-Year-Old Report High Point standings with 58 points.  Bob and his horse were second at the National Trainers Show and won both Mississippi and Panama City.

   Jackie and owners Jim and Sharon Richmond are proud to claim second place with Hydrostatic who has 52 points in three classes including  blues in the Three-Year-Old Stallion Class and Championship at Jackson.  They are equally proud of their third place winner Santa Monica who has ammassed 48 points in three classes including two reserves in the Three-Year-Old Mare and Gelding Classes at Jackson and Panama City.