In an effort to provide the maximum fan experience and showcase the breed’s top horses on the Championship nights of this year’s show, The Celebration will require the top four finishers in all preliminary classes to show back in the respective championship class to receive their prize monies.  “Having this new format will not only increase interest as to which horse and rider will emerge with the title but it will also bring about competitive matchups that are rarely seen.  This is the excitement that a Celebration spotlight ride is all about,” said Celebration Chief Executive Offer Mike Inman.

The following exceptions to the new policy include all padded performance amateur Two and Three-Year-Old Mare & Gelding classes and all age divisions in the Open Mare & Gelding classes.  Also exempt are any horses shown in preliminary classes that don’t have championship classes offered. 

Any rider or owner who qualifies two horses in the same division will only be required to show one of those entries back in order to receive both preliminary prize monies.  In addition, any horse that qualifies in multiple divisions will only be required to show in one championship class in order to receive all prize monies awarded in those preliminaries.

“With input from both exhibitors and fans  this year’s World Grand Championships should have even more to offer than in the recent past.   The depth of talent shown throughout the season has been truly impressive,” concluded Inman.

The 75th Anniversary Celebration will be held August 21-31, 2013.