Travis Wiley and Fudpucker Claim Walking Stake Title Two Years In A Row at Danville

by Renee Isaacs

DANVILLE, Ky. – The Boyle County Fair held its annual horse show on Saturday, June 6, 2009, in Danville, Ky. With 156 entries, the show was a success. Gene Batton judged the 34-class event.

The talk of the show was the performance made by Isabella Wiley and Laneview’s Master in the Walking Pony class. The crowd was behind the team as they made their way to the winner’s circle in blue ribbon style. Travis Wiley and Fudpucker captured the Walking Stake title, as he did in 2008 for Gloria Wiley.

J & H Stables led the blue ribbon tally with five blues for the night. Claiming those five blues were A Bella Donna, Shock N Y’all, He’s Top Secret, One Cool Cat and Sandbagger. Wiley Stables were second on the tally with four blues. Greta Potter of Winchester, Ky., claimed three blues in the pleasure division. All of the following claimed two blues for the night: Hayes Stables, Sweet Revenge, Stamper Stables, Sims Stables and CL Kline Farms. There were many other wins as well made by individuals.

Complete results may be viewed by clicking here.