by Renee Isaacs

DANVILLE, Ky. – The Boyle County Fair was a huge success even with a change of date this year. Two hundred and sixty entries made the gate call for Andy Simpson to judge in the 35-class event.

The beaming hot sun didn’t stop the competition. The show kicked off at 6:30 and went well into the night. Travis Wiley and Fudpucker rode to championship honors in the Walking Stake to add to a total of five for Travis Wiley Stables, the most carried home by a barn from this show.

Not to far behind were other trainers and stables with the tally going as follows. McQuerry Stables with a total of four blues and one reserve, Stamper Stables with three blues and two reserves, Martin Stables with three blues and two reserves, J & H Stables with two blues and four reserves, Hankins Stables with three blues and one reserve and Stonewall Acres with one blue and two reserves.

Complete show results can be viewed by clicking here.