(October 14, 2006, Copyright WHR ) The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors'  Association has announced the discovery of two errors relating to the election of directors from the state of Tennessee.  Instead of electing three directors, Tennessee will be electing five directors.

     Based on the TWHBEA by laws, determinations on the number of national director seats available are based on the membership numbers for that state as of May 1 of each year.  For the state of Tennessee, it was initially determined that three national director seats would be available and this information appeared on the ballots when in actuality the correct number was five. 

     The TWHBEA explained that a director from New Jersey with a term expiring in 2007 moved to Tennessee and was incorrectly included in the numbers of directors currently seated in the state of Tennessee.   Also, a Tennessee director that was an alternate in the 2003 elections assumed a vacant seat in 2004 with a term expiring in 2006 and was incorrectly listed as having  a  term that did not expire until 2007. 

     TWHBEA has decided that instead of  redoing  the election process for the state of Tennessee, they will instead name the five top vote getters  to the national board from Tennessee.