In every business, surveys provide much needed information about members, programs, and services. This information is vital to business management.

Beginning immediately, TWHBEA would like to reaffirm its commitment to valued members and customers. We are sending this survey via email to measure customer satisfaction, program use, and gather basic member information, a first for TWHBEA!

The IPEDS Steering Committee, the group that is working diligently to improve TWHBEA’s IPEDS program, created this survey.  Since late summer, this group has met regularly to work toward this endeavor. 
One of the first questions that the group asked was "Who are our customers, and what do they want?" Well, this survey grew from that one question.  It quickly became not just an IPEDS consideration, but also a tool that would give us information on our members...and give each member a voice in their association.
It was decided to use an email vehicle to accomplish this task, which also benefits the Association by helping to collect members' emails for better, and more cost efficient, communication.
We encourage each and every member to take this survey and have their ideas, thoughts, and voices heard. At the conclusion of the survey period (December 14) we will begin analyzing the data and make this information known to the membership through an article in "The Voice" and as a news item on the website.

TWHBEA members please email and give us your name, address, and updated email address to be added to our survey.

We invite you to help us broaden our vision for the future by telling us what YOU, the member considers important.

Thank you for your time and participation.