The Executive Committee of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) recently approved a recommendation from the Membership and Registry Committee in regard to the rules for naming horses. The updated rule was approved on August 11, 2023 and is effective immediately. The updated rule is below and can also be found in the Corporate Rules, which are under the Governance tab at For questions, please call 931-359-1574 or email [email protected].


The TWHBEA is the official Registry for Tennessee Walking Horses.  All registrations, to be valid, must be filed with the TWHBEA on the prescribed form and accepted by the Secretary.  The TWHBEA Registration Application/Parentage Verification Kit Request form is a dual-purpose form valid for one year from the date processed.  If the parentage verification laboratory does not receive the DNA sample within one year of the date processed, and an extension has not been requested, the application will be voided and the applicant will have to re-file and fees paid again.

1.04 Naming of Horses (effective 8/11/2023)

1. No horse will be registered by a name which has exactly the same spelling as a name already registered.
2. Horses designated in the Registry as World Grand Champions, Foundation, or Hall of Fame are considered a “protected class.” Phonetically or confusingly similar names will be considered the same for horses in the “protected class.”
3. Adding a registered prefix to any name can be a differentiating factor so long as the originally named horse has a foaling date of 35 years or more prior to the request date and the originally named horse is not considered a protected class.
4. Name of horse must not exceed 25 characters which include all alpha-numeric characters, punctuation marks, and spaces specific to the Roman Alphabet.
5. All names must have a pronunciation.
6. Profane, vulgar, or sexually suggestive names will not be accepted.
7. The Registry may refuse to accept a name that it deems to be confusingly similar to a name or prefix previously recorded or to be otherwise unsuitable. Any submitted names that are in question of complying with the rules will be either accepted or denied by the official Registrar of TWHBEA.
8. The same person/entity that has used a name to register a horse may reuse the same name if the originally named horse is still listed in their recorded ownership and has been listed as deceased in registry records and does not have any registered progeny or show records.
9. You have one year from the date a DNA kit is issued to complete the registration process. After this time the foal application will be voided, and the name will no longer be held. Extensions may be requested by the owner of record. There will be no refunds given for incomplete paperwork or failure to complete the registration process in a timely manner.