The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association recently requested the Performance Show Horse Association (PSHA) to affiliate the performance padded classes at the 2013 Futurity.  TWHBEA originally affiliated the Futurity with the WHOA HIO and just recently asked PSHA and SHOW HIO to affiliate those performance padded classes.
PSHA agreed to recommend to SHOW they affiliate those classes with the following motion:
PSHA will recommend SHOW HIO affiliate the 4 TWHBEA performance padded classes on a one-time basis in order to fulfill the requests of those owners and breeders that previously nominated those horses if TWHBEA will agree to publicly reaffirm its position and previous action to not endorse the Whitfield amendment. That endorsement can be used in a letter from PSHA to members of congress clarifying the industry's position on its collective endorsement on the elimination of soring but not the elimination of the performance show horse.
To this point, TWHBEA has not answered PSHA and PSHA has been informally notified that TWHBEA will not meet the requests of PSHA in its motion.  Since the inception of the National Horse Show Commission and activation of SHOW HIO in 2009, this will mark the first year that TWHBEA has affiliated outside of those two HIOs.