Lewisburg, TN. After learning about the dire situation in Cannon County, TN of over 80 starving horses, The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association’s Equine Welfare network was put into action. It was learned by the help of Cannon County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Department of Agriculture that more than 80 horses were rescued from a Cannon County TN farm with assistance from HSUS. The majority of the horses were Spotted Saddle Horses, some Tennessee Walking Horses and a few Quarter Horses. It was also learned that these horses were all moved to the TN state fairgrounds in Nashville for immediate care, food and evaluation.  On Monday TWHBEA offered assistance by sending farrier Stan Trimble to the site for help with necessary hoof care. We have been notified that it will be several weeks before any of the horses will be available for adoption. We have also learned that more than enough food and hay has been provided. The primary concern will be the placing of these horses in the coming weeks. If you are interested in accepting one or more of these horses, helping place any of the horses or wish to learn more about TWHBEA’s rescue efforts contact us at eqwelfare@twhbea.com or call Chris Coffey Director of Marketing and Programs @ 931.359.1574.