RE-Introducing the TWHBEA Commemorative Garden

The TWHBEA Commemorative Garden is a totally self-supporting endeavor which is funded by the purchase of commemorative pavers and other garden ornaments. Through your purchase, you not only make a permanent addition to the garden, you also honor those close to your heart.

• With your purchase of a Premier or Superior Paver, you will have the opportunity to select the design and inscription which can include illustrations and text. We will work with you to insure your satisfaction with this lasting memorial.

Premier Paver:  30” x 42” $5,000  Includes Special Design
Superior Paver:  12”x 24” $2,500  Includes Special Design

• If you select the Honorary Paver, you will have the opportunity to select one or two lines of text honoring a person, horse, or group.

Honorary Paver: 6” x 12” $200  With Two Lines Of Copy

For assistance in you decisions regarding the TWHBEA Commemorative Garden, please call 931-359-1574.