The results are in for the 2001 Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association (TWHBEA) Board of Directors' election. Once again, the certified public accounting firm of Winnett Associates, Shelbyville, Tenn., tallied the returns.

According to the official tabulations, 4,910 of the 16,445 ballots mailed were returned. The percentage of returns, 29.86%, was up from last year's 26.40%. Montana had the highest percentage of returned ballots at 63.33%. The lowest voting percentage, 3.13%, was in British Columbia, where there were no declared candidates and only one "write in" vote was cast. Unfortunately, British Columbia will not have representation on the Board due to the fact that the individual was determined to be ineligible, in accordance with Article III, Section 9 of the TWHBEA Bylaws which states, "Any director who shall miss more than 50% of the Board Meetings, excused or unexcused, shall not be eligible for re-election."

Ties in the voting occurred among write-in candidates in Idaho, Iowa, New York, Wyoming and Region #2, none of which had declared candidates. All candidates involved in the ties were contacted by TWHBEA and in Iowa, New York, Wyoming and Region #2, individuals involved in the ties who were not willing to serve had their names withdrawn, resolving the situation. In Idaho, however, a run-off election will be held among five candidates.

Over the last three years, directors' terms were assigned so that all would expire at the end of this year. At the May 2001 TWHBEA Board of Directors Meeting, the directors in attendance approved a procedure for determining term lengths for the newly elected directors, deciding it would be based on the number of votes received in a state or region. The total number of directors elected in a state or region was grouped into equal numbers of three. The top third of the vote recipients in a state or region received three-year terms, the second third received two-year terms and the final third received one-year terms. Those elected in a state or region with less than three positions were placed in a lottery drawing consisting of an equal number of one, two and three-year terms. In those states or regions that elected more than three positions, but a number not divisible by three, it was decided that terms would be assigned based on the following example: In a state or region electing 11 directors, the top three vote recipients would receive three year terms, the next highest three vote recipients would receive two-year terms, and the next highest three vote recipients would receive one-year terms. Those elected to the 10th and 11th positions would be placed in a lottery drawing.

The lottery drawing was conducted by Winnett Associates to determine the length of terms for the forty-nine individuals involved. The results of that drawing are also included here.

ALABAMA (6 persons)
235/987, 23.81%
Three-Year Terms
Grover Blaylock
Charles Hulsey
Two-Year Terms
Tommy Hale
Toby Scarbrough
One-Year Terms
Jack M. Doss
William "Bill" Strickland

ARIZONA (1 person)
41/104, 39.42%
Term by lottery draw
Marsha R. Daniel, 3 year

ARKANSAS (2 persons)
87/216, 40.28%
Terms by lottery draw
Jan Treat, 2 year
April G. Crawford, 1 year

CALIFORNIA (3 persons)
181/434, 41.71%
Three-Year Term>
Charles Wharton
Two-Year Term
Bonnie Herman
One-Year Term
Michael Chiappari

COLORADO (1 person)
71/161, 44.10%
Term by lottery draw
Debbie Garfield, 3 year

FLORIDA (2 persons)
133/372, 35.75%
Terms by lottery draw
Darren S. Gray, 1 year
Carol Worsham, 2 year

GEORGIA (3 persons)
207/568, 36.44%
Three-Year Term
Kathy Zeis
Two-Year Term
Randall W. Dixon
Jane Hardy Meredith

IDAHO (1 person)
15/120, 12.50%
Term by lottery draw: 2-Year
(tie) Chris Hutchinson
(tie) Gale W. Nichols
(tie) Judith Stockham
(tie) Michelle Webler
(tie) Kristie Adams
ILLINOIS (2 persons)
97/334, 29.04%
Terms by lottery draw
Edie L. Wittenmyer, 2 year
Ledillon Powers, 1 year

INDIANA (3 persons)
85/403, 21.09%
Three-Year Term
Jack M. Haefling>
Two-Year Term
Joe H. Dietz
One-Year Term
Rosetta L. Davis

IOWA (1 person)
11/88, 12.50%
Term by lottery draw
Larry Loftin, 1 year

KANSAS (1 person)
25/71, 35.21%
Term by lottery draw
Jack L. Bailey, 2 year

KENTUCKY (12 persons)
434/2118, 20.49%
Three-Year Terms
Carroll Benedict
Linda Starnes
Gene "Smokey" Carswell
Kim Bennett
Two-Year Terms
Nicole Carswell
Leigh Bennett
Nolan Benton
John Gillespie
One-Year Terms
Leslie Perry Derrickson
James L. Griffith
Cindy Hamon
Fred P. Carter

LOUISIANA (1 person)
49/179, 27.37%
Term by lottery draw
Bonnie Barberot, 2 year

MARYLAND (1 person)
21/64, 32.81%
Term by lottery draw
Morna Conway, 3 year

MICHIGAN (2 persons)
148/309, 47.90%
Terms by lottery draw
John Prigg, 2 year
Lynn Marie Henschell, 1 year

MINNESOTA (1 person)
48/112, 42.86%
Term by lottery draw
Paulette Nuetzel, 3 year

MISSISSIPPI (4 persons)
219/581, 37.69%
Three-Year Term
Robert Thomas
Two-Year Term
Thomas L. Vinson
One-Year Term
Ron M. Nichols
Term by lottery draw
Karla Nichols Massey, 1 year

MISSOURI (4 persons)
178/659, 27.01%
Three-Year Term
Bud Thomas
Two-Year Term
Angie Kirk
One-Year Term
Debbie Birk
Term by lottery draw
Paula J. Andrews, 3 year

MONTANA (1 person)
76/120, 63.33%
Term by lottery draw
Dan Aadland, 1 year

NEVADA (1 person)
19/40, 47.50%
Term by lottery draw
Dimitri Friedrich, 2 year

NEW JERSEY (1 person)
6/41, 14.63%
Term by lottery draw
Victoria Chatten, 3 year

NEW YORK (1 person)
3/41, 6.82%
Term by lottery draw
Bonnie L. Breneman, 2 year

NORTH CAROLINA (5 persons)
213/731, 29.14%
Three-Year Term
Ronald G. Mosley
Two-Year Term
Ernest W. Warner, Jr.
One-Year Term
Jimmy Adams
Terms by lottery draw
A. N. Saunders, Jr., 3 year
Janice M. Plyler, 1 year

OHIO (4 persons)
226/692, 32.66%
Three-Year Term
Sherrie Szucs
Two-Year Term
Margaret "Mag" Ranft
One-Year Term
Paul Whitehead
Term by lottery draw
Robert Hotchkiss, 3 year

OKLAHOMA (1 person)
45/119, 37.82%
Term by lottery draw
Ann Kuykendall, 1 year

OREGON (2 persons)
58/218, 26.61%
Terms by lottery draw
David W. Swingley, 3 year
Jake Price, 2 year

PENNSYLVANIA (2 persons)
59/250, 23.60%
Terms by lottery draw
Linda M. Chovan, 1 year
Rick Chovan, 3 year

SOUTH CAROLINA (2 persons)
138/301, 45.85%
Terms by lottery draw
Marietta Gambrell, 1 year
Kenneth Nations, 2 year

TENNESSEE (20 persons)
786/3534, 22.24%
Three-Year Terms
Nancy Lynn Beech
Jeff Givens
Wayne Dean
Spencer Benedict
David Landrum
Laura Brandon
Two-Year Terms
Jerrold Don Pedigo
Ray Beech
Richard Wall
Charles Gleghorn
Harold Dean Givens
Larry Lowman
One-Year Terms
Freda Dean
Carrie Benedict
Valton Rummage
Lisa Bowman Anderson
Brenda S. Bramlett
Clay Avent
Terms by lottery draw
Ella Kline, 1 year
Mandy Dawn, 2 year

TEXAS (4 persons)
245/576, 42.53%
Three-Year Term
Bonnie B. Smith
Two-Year Term
Pat Aldredge
One-Year Term
Valarie J. Delana
Term by lottery draw
Nancy M. Groover, 3 year

UTAH (1 person)
31/71, 43.66%
Term by lottery draw
Sidney G. Baucom, 3 year

VIRGINIA (3 persons)
124/503, 24.65%
Three-Year Term
Melvin H. Belcher
Two-Year Term
Anke A. Longest
One-Year Term
Donald Longest

WASHINGTON (2 persons)
133/344, 38.66%
Terms by lottery draw
Robert D. Smith, 1 year
Lonnie Whitworth, 3 year

WEST VIRGINIA (2 persons)
145/348, 41.67%
Terms by lottery draw
Bill Wright, 3 year
Judith Rogers, 3 year

WISCONSIN (1 person)
63/162, 38.89%
Term by lottery draw
Mick Salm, 3 year

WYOMING (1 person)
6/42, 14.29%
Term by lottery draw
Karen Canchola, 1 year

ALBERTA (1 person)
38/87, 43.68%
Term by lottery draw
Laurie Innocent, 1 year

ONTARIO (1 person)
4/32, 12.50%
Term by lottery draw
Kim Pringle, 2 year

GERMANY (1 person)
22/48, 45.83%
Term by lottery draw
Dr. Frank Jugert, 1 year

REGION #1 (1 person)
10/47, 21.28%
Term by lottery draw
Gerrit Band, 1 year

REGION #2 (1 person)
5/100, 5.00%
Term by lottery draw
Vicky Stenmo, 2 year

REGION #3 (1 person)
36/83, 43.37%
Term by lottery draw
Diane Lashoones, 2 year