The TWHBEA Election Committee met today and counted the ballots for the proposed bylaw amendments and the election of directors to new three-year terms. Out of 4522 ballots mailed to eligible voters, 680 were returned and counted. The TWHBEA membership is divided into 28 States/Regions. All eligible voters were given the opportunity to vote on the proposed amendments to the association bylaws and 15 States/Regions also elected directors. All seven of the proposed bylaw amendments passed overwhelmingly.
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Of the States/Regions with the opportunity to elect a director, all but two have been finalized. Although there was a candidate for Region 6, which includes the Dominican Republic and Mexico, no ballots were returned, therefore no one was elected to fill the open seat. In Alabama, Dee Cantrell and Ginger Evans received 30 votes each, forcing a runoff election. Eligible voters in Alabama will be mailed a ballot this week and must return it by November 10.

Directors elected for a three-year term include:
Region 5 (Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico) – Nicole Tolle
Region 7 (Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona) – Dennis Pennington
Region 8 (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming) – Kelley Chaffee
Region 9 (Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) – Kendel Sigurdson
Arkansas – Dale Daniels
Georgia – Wanda Goodson, Sellers Veazey
Kentucky – Sam Sorrell, Linda Starnes, Ronnie Vincent
Michigan – Gerald E. Pease
Mississippi – Brad Prewitt
Missouri – Sydni Hennemann
Tennessee – Bobby Joe Jones, Chris Payne, Ronnie Reed, Roger Richards, Margo Urad
Washington – Linda Arnold
West Virginia – M. Karen Logan

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There will be an orientation for new board members on Friday, December 2 at the TWHBEA Headquarters and they will be sworn in on Saturday, December 3 during the International Board of Directors Meeting.