by Christy Howard Parsons, Publisher

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Copyright 2005


            At the TWHBEA Board of Directors meeting this afternoon, the new 2006 TWHBEA Executive Committee was elected. The nominating committee of Dr. Donald Longest, Beverly Greenup, Joe Dietz, Smoky Carswell and Paula Andrews put forth a slate of nominees. The only nomination from the floor was for Edie Whittenmeyer for Vice President of Horse Shows. The nominating committee had selected Dee Cantrell for this position. After a written ballot election, Whittenmeyer was reelected to serve on the Executive Committee.

            The other Executive Committee members and their offices are as follows: Jerrold Pedigo, President; Jane Meredith, Senior Vice President; Charles Wharton, Administrative/Fiscal; Kathy Zeis, Breeders; Rhonda Martocci, Enforcement; Larry Lowman, Marketing; Iris Schumann, Performance Horse; Marietta Gambrell, Pleasure Horse; Jack Haefling, Owners/Exhibitors; Jamie Hankins, Training; Sid Baucom, Member At Large Bylaws; Ann Kuykendall, Member At Large Youth; and Sharon Brandon, Secretary/Treasurer.