LEWISBURG, Tenn. - The executive committee of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association met on June 24, 2002 at the Association’s headquarters in Lewisburg.

Charles Wharton, administrative/fiscal division vice president, said the Association’s revenue exceeded its expenses by $26,000 during the first six months of the fiscal year. TWHBEA reported $92,000 in excess revenue over expenses during the same period last year. Mr. Wharton stressed the need for careful spending the remainder of the year.

Following his report, the executive committee approved the financial statement for the period ending May 31, 2002.

During his opening remarks, President Robert Thomas said he was pleased with the out come of the May board meeting. He also commented favorable on the executive committee’s dinner meeting with the Celebration board, which took place the previous evening. He said the meeting generated open and honest dialogue, and commended the Celebration for its gesture of goodwill.

Jerrold Pedigo, senior vice president, reported that progress continues with regard to the TWHBEA Unity Committee. He said the committee had met with five industry groups, and planned to meet with the Kentucky HIO later that day. Mr. Pedigo serves as unity committee chairman.

Executive Director Bob Cherry reported the year-to-date figures from the registry department. He said first-time foal registrations are up 334, resulting in an increase in revenue of $23,000. Transfers are up 729 and transfer revenue is up $31,000. New and renewed memberships show an increase of 16, and current membership is up 494 over the same period last year. Mares listed on stallion breeding reports are down 433, but have increased 147 since March.

During the standing committee reports, Bonnie Barberot, vice president of the breeders’ division, said her committee is currently looking into several matters, including learning all it can about the various equine coat colors. She said colors and patterns are an important and ongoing issue for many breeders.

She has also asked staff to post a sample buy/sell contract on the website as a public service.

Charles Hulsey, vice president of the horse show division, said around 60 shows have been assisted by TWHBEA Horse Show Support and Development Program. He said from his perspective, interest in the horse business is currently very high.

Jane Meredith, vice president of the performance show horse division, said the new academy program is generating great interest. She is currently working to develop a certification program and a winter tournament to serve as a pilot program.

She said the performance horse brochure is still in the production phase and hopes to have it available before the Celebration.

Mrs. Meredith expressed disappointment in the response to the TWHBEA Youth Medallion Classes. She said that 11 children had participated in five shows, and that the program would need to be evaluated at the end of the year.

Pleasure Horse Division Vice President Ann Kuykendall reported on the success of recent pleasure horse shows in Wisconsin and Montana, along with a recent trail ride, she attended in her home state of Oklahoma. She commented that she sees a major improvement in the gaits of pleasure horses everywhere she travels.

She also reported that her committee is working diligently on plnas for the upcoming TWHBEA World Versatility Show.

Larry Lowman, vice president of the sales and promotion division, displayed the new items available in the TWHBEA Gift Shop. They include car flags, trailer hitch covers, ladies polos, and a sport jacket. He said total Gift Shop sales through May were $45,874, up $10,505 from last year.

He said TWHBEA continues to represent the breed at numerous events, both national and international. He also reported that TWHBEA’s new promotional video, Possibilities, is now available in Spanish.

Trainers Division Vice President David Landurm reported on the success of the new Mascup program, and said the Trainers’ Association is looking into the possibility of presenting a seven-class show for Mascup members at the end of the season.

Although unable to attend the meeting, Nancy Lynn Beech, member-at-large/youth, presented a written motion asking for additional money to cover the cost of two youth-specific trade fair displays. The executive committee had previously authorized her request for $6,000, but Ms. Beech said an additional $300 was needed to complete the purchase. Her motion was approved.

The executive committee accepted a list of board members seeking excused absences from the May directors’ meeting.

Under old business, Ann Kuykendall asked the members of the executive committee to submit letters to the NHSC Rules Committee in support of reducing the size of the plantation shoe to one-inch. The comment period on this issue will end in November.

Under new business, the executive committee approved a request from the Celebration asking TWHBEA to serve as one of four sponsors of a giant outdoor screen for this year’s show. The sponsorships are $10,000 each, and sponsors will be entitled to a 30-second commercial each night of the show.

The next executive committee meeting is scheduled for July 29.