LEWISBURG, Tenn. - The TWHBEA Executive Committee held its monthly meeting on March 24. President Robert Thomas called the meeting to order and asked the members of the committee to stand for a moment of silence in honor of the brave men and women who have given the supreme sacrifice in service of our country. Following the call to order and the moment of silence, the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting were routinely approved. Also approved were the financial statements for the periods ending December 31, 2002 and January 31, 2003. President Thomas began with a "pat on the back" to the industry concerning the wonderful, positive start to the show season with the success of the National Walking Horse Trainers' Show. "It was a real example of how well we can work together when everyone is on the same page," stated President Thomas, concerning the working relationship at the Trainers' Show between the NHSC and the USDA.

Craig Evans of the NHSC addressed the committee and reported that the Trainers' Show went very well. Two Veterinary Medical Officers from the USDA, along with a Compliance Officer, came to the show on Thursday. "They came in with an incredible attitude, and did a great job," stated Mr. Evans. Mr. Evans reported that WHOA had reinstated the temporary amateur cards, and that these were now again available to exhibitors.

He also informed the committee that two recent rule amendments at NHSC passed and one died for lack of a second, and the amendment concerning pressure shoeing passed along with the amendment concerning shoe attachment with nails only.

Executive Director Charles Hulsey reported that first-time foal registrations for February were up 408, for an increase of $19,280. Transfers were up 233 for an increase of $12,875. Membership has increased by 45 with an increase of $1,395. Mr. Hulsey reported on a membership drive to recapture memberships that have lapsed. He stated that over 5,000 letters had recently been sent out by the staff in this effort.

Mr. Hulsey reported that he had attended Equitana in Essen, Germany from March 5 ? March 12. There were 239,000 in paid attendance this year at Equitana. He reported that there were 12-15 people who helped out with the Tennessee Walking Horse exhibit, with a group of 9 who spent the entire 9 days there. Mr. Hulsey stated that all of these individuals did a great job with positive results. Two Tennessee Walking Horses were sold during the show, new members were gained and he also obtained a list of persons who are interested in learning more about the breed.

Charles Wharton delivered the administrative/fiscal/audit division report. Through the first two months of fiscal year 2003, he said the association is $27,000 ahead of last year in revenue, but expenses have increased $94,000. The loss for this current period is $96,000, compared to a loss of $30,000 for the period last year.

Mr. Wharton reported that two expense categories have increased significantly over last year. Registration/Membership expense is up $43,000; and Youth/Performance Show Horse expense is up $41,000. ?As always we need to be careful with our discretionary spending and continue our efforts to attract new members and to retain current members,? said Mr. Wharton.

Nancy Lynn Beech presented multiple ideas and recommendations that the breeders committee had discussed at their recent meeting. One of the recommendations, that would set a cap on the late registration fee on horses over 48 months of age, was tabled until the breeders and administrative fiscal committees could met together and look closer at this issue.

The breeders committee is also looking at the National Futurity, the Sire and Dam point system and the Color Brochure that TWHBEA currently produces.

Melvin Belcher, vice president of the enforcement committee, reported that there is one case the committee is working on, and one issue that has not yet resulted in a case that they are looking at.

The horse show division recently met by way of conference call according to vice president Bill Stricklend. He stated that several new horse shows were going to be held in Mississippi and Alabama this year.

Larry Lowman reported that the marketing division had many projects going on. A new TWHBEA Gift Shop brochure is being prepared for the April issue of the VOICE. Gift shops sales are down $3,000 from this same time last year, however Mr. Lowman believes this will pick up and be recovered.

A booth exhibit was set-up at the recent Volunteer Horse Fair, and the booth was staffed by Jan Keyser, Marketing Coordinator and Andy Stooksberry, Marketing Assistant. Booths will also be set up at the upcoming Hoosier Horse Fair in Indiana, and Equine Affaire in Ohio.

Mr. Lowman said that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has graciously donated four rocking chairs with the Cracker Barrel logo on them for the front porch of TWHBEA headquarters.

Continuing his report, Mr. Lowman stated that four Tennessee Walking Horses will be on exhibition at the Nashville Superspeedway on April 12. This is the PEPSI 300, NASCAR Busch Series race, which will be attended by approximately 40,000 spectators and have a national television audience.

Lastly, Mr. Lowman recommended, in an effort to boost gift shop sales, that a discount of 10% be given to TWHBEA members on gift shop merchandise. This recommendation was approved.

Nicole Carswell, vice president of the owners/exhibitors division, reported that there are three owner liability forms on the TWHBEA web site that protect owners in various situations. She stated that the Celebration youth clinic location had not been set yet. The seminars to be held during the associations convention were discussed, particularly the time and setting of these seminars. Seminars will be held during the time that was formerly allocated for a directors workshop or forum. Mrs. Carswell explained that the topics of the seminars would fit neatly in this time frame.

Ann Kuykendall, pleasure horse division vice president thanked Craig Evans for his efforts at the commission. She also commended WHOA on the reinstatement of the temporary amateur card program.

Mrs. Kuykendall reported on a proposed recommendation by WHOA to the NHSC that lite-shod shoes and trail pleasure shoes be weighed, if thrown in the show-ring. After much discussion on this issue, a motion to support the intent of this proposal was tabled until the full intent could be clarified.

David Landrum, representing the Training division, reported that the Trainers' Show was a great success, the best in many years. He stated that overall the show went very well. Mr. Landrum reported that entries in the youth division were up, and that it was good to see an increase in young riders.

Sid Baucom stated that the Trainers' Show was a particularly fine show, and commended Mr. Landrum on the flag ceremony, in which fathers and daughters presented the American and Trainers' flags, respectively, to open each nights performance. "This added a great deal of class to the show," said Mr. Baucom.

Paula Andrews, member at large-youth, also commended the flag ceremony, and she stated that this was her first time to attend the Trainers' Show. A youth hospitality room was held two nights at the Trainers' Show, and Mrs. Andrews reported that it was well attended. The new Youth Handbook is being printed and will be available soon. She presented a copy of the American Youth Council Magazine that has a TWHBEA advertisement on inside front cover.

Under old business, the executive committee approved a motion by Mr. Wharton to proceed with the computer software program that has been proposed by the computer consultants.

Under new business, the committee accepted the resignation of Lonnie Whitworth of Washington from the National Board of Directors. Terrance Jerke has accepted the position and will fill the remainder of this term.

As another item under new business, the committee unanimously reappointed Dr. Frank Glass of Motlow State Community College, as TWHBEA representative to the NHSC Oversight Committee.

The next meeting of the TWHBEA Executive Committee is set for April 28, 2003.