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TWHBEA President Jerrold Pedigo has released the following letter written to The Celebration regarding affiliating the National Futurity with the National Horse Show Commission.

July 3, 2006

Mr. John T. Bobo, Chairman

The Celebration

Post Office Box 1010

Shelbyville, TN  37162

Dear John T.:

            At its meeting today, TWHBEA’s Executive Committee considered The Celebration’s request that we affiliate our National Futurity with the NHSC and conduct it at The Celebration show grounds. By unanimous vote, we determined to honor the request of our partner in the truest spirit of partnership despite some trepidation, and are now undertaking the necessary steps to affiliate our event.

            While some may consider this action contrary to our HIO Sanctioning Plan, upon review we do not. To date, despite assurances of the intent of two HIOs, the only sanctioned HIO is TWHBEA’s. It was never our intent to create a competing HIO, only one to act in limited circumstances. With the request of our partner and trust in that partner, realizing the opportunity to move forward in shaping the future of this magnificent horse, and in order to avoid even the appearance of an impropriety, we deem it an appropriate step.

            However, we do not want to be misunderstood. Our resolve to continue in our quest has not lessened, but has been renewed and increased with our excitement over our new partnership. We look forward, with zeal, to the opportunity to eliminate soring regardless of any industry segment that is adversely affected by such action.

            To that end, the TWHBEA, through a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, is requesting that you, our partner acting in the same spirit of partnership, immediately ban the use of plastic wraps on your grounds, and that you institute the following prohibitions and procedures:
1.No horse be allowed to enter the warm up area that is not properly identified and inspected prior to such entry.
2.The restrictions on the number of individuals allowed in the warm up area, per horse, be strictly enforced.
3.All tack carts or boxes will undergo a very brief DQP inspection allowing only the entry of: sets of legal chains, rollers, or other action devices; a crop or whip; a switch; a tail brace or humane tail; scissors; shoe string; tape; Show  Sheen or similar spray; fly spray; a girth; a set of straps and irons; a bridle; a halter; a hammer; two sets of lead; a screwdriver of not more than 12 inches of length; a towel; a brush; and a comb. Everything else will be precluded, including, but not limited to: topical anesthetics; syringes; powders; medicinal bottles; vacuum bottles or tubes; salves; astringents or potential astringents; irritants or potential irritants; and illegal action devices.
4.The application, removal, or substitution of a weight, lead or otherwise, be done only in the presence of a DQP. The tightening, loosening, or removal of a band be done only in the presence of a DQP.  The application of the approved lubricant be done only in the presence of a DQP. And, other than the foregoing, the contact of a fore-pastern by an individual after the horse’s inspection be strictly prohibited. Anyone in violation of any of the foregoing, at a minimum, be excused, together with the entry, from their respective class.

We look forward to finalizing the HIO Sanctioning Plan as expeditiously as possible even before the July 22 deadline and are therefore at your pleasure as to when to meet.


Jerrold Don Pedigo