The TWHBEA National Futurity continues to be the showcase for outstanding young horses in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, from weanlings to three year-olds, halter, pleasure, and padded performance, and represents the richest purse of any one-day event in the Walking Horse Industry. This year’s National Futurity will again be held at the Calsonic Arena, in Shelbyville, TN, on Wednesday night, August 20th, 2008 starting at 5:30 pm.

For 2008, an In Hand Extended Gait class has been added to the National Futurity. Any yearling, filly or colt, which has met the standard futurity nomination requirements, will be eligible to show in class 17, Yearling In-Hand Extended Gait. If one chooses to show in both classes, regular qualifying yearling filly (class six) or colt class (class nine), and in class 17, an additional fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be required for the extended gait class. Fillies and Colts may show in class 17. Owners and Handles may choose to only show in class 17, however, the class will not be a qualifying class for the Celebration.

Protocol for the class will be as follows. Yearlings will enter the first way of the ring on the south side at a walk, proceeding to the north side and parking out. The class will then move head to tail around the east turn and stop facing down the south side of the arena. Each individual entry will then move out at an extended gait in front of the judges to the west end, proceed at a walk around to the north side and park out awaiting the completion of the class.  The desired extended gait judged will be the ability of the yearling to achieve a four beat running walk. Animation will not be a criterion. Pacing is not desired.

Premiums for the class will be as follows: 1st place-$2,258.00, 2nd-$1,827.00, 3rd-$1,612.50, 4th-$1,290.00, 5th-$1,075.00, 6th-$752.50, 7th-$645.00, 8th-$537.50, 9th-$430.00, and 10th-$322.50.

TWHBEA National Futurity Corporate Sponsor, SILVERSPRING Equine Foundation, has provided funding for this class. The National Futurity committee commends SILVERSPRING for their generous support and hopes that many owners and handlers will take advantage of this prestigious class.

For further details or information, please contact Stan Butt at 931-359-0580 or

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