­ The TWHBEA Nominating Committee recently announced its proposed slate of officers for 2005. The slate will be presented to the TWHBEA Board of Directors on Saturday, December 4, 2004, during the Semi-Annual Board of Directors meeting in Franklin, Tenn.
   This year¹s Nominating Committee consisted of Chairman Bud Thomas (MO), Ann Kuykendall (OK), Jack Haefling (IN), Dr. Donald Longest (VA) and Leslie Perry (KY).
   The following is the Nominating Committee¹s proposed slate of officers for 2005:

President                                                  Jerrold Pedigo (TN)

Senior Vice President                            Spencer Benedict (KY)

Administrative/Fiscal/Audit                   Charles Wharton (TN)

Breeders                                                  Kathy Zeis (GA)

Enforcement                                           Jack Doss (AL)

Horse Show                                            Jamie Hankins (KY)

Owners/Exhibitors                                 Nicole Carswell (KY)

Performance Show Horse                   Jane Meredith (GA)

Pleasure Horse                                      Edie Wittenmyer (IL)

Marketing                                                 Larry Lowman (TN)

Training                                                    David Landrum (TN)

Member at Large/Bylaws                      Sid Baucom (UT)

Member at Large/Youth                         Dee Dee Sale (TN)

Secretary/Treasurer                                Sharon Brandon