The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association is proud to once again offer the Youth Medallion Program for the 2021 show season.  This class encourages youth riders to learn and become proficient at the canter. It is a great way for our industry to regain the canter, and to reward our youth for achieving excellence at this level. 

Youth Medallion classes will be offered at various horse shows throughout the year.  The Medallion program consists of two divisions, performance and pleasure, each division with its own end-of-year award.  Riders will receive points determined by their placings in these two divisions, with the rider accumulating the most points in each division receiving an educational scholarship valued at $500.00.  

Guidelines for the Youth Medallion Classes are:  
Open to all youth riders, age 17 and under(age as of January 1).
Ownership of the horse is not required.   Stallions are not allowed.
Two Medallion Classes exist, one for Flat-Shod horses and one for Performance horses, performing all three gaits - flat walk, running walk, and canter.
The rider, not the horse, accumulates points awarded for placing and participating in the class.  Therefore, riders are not required to show the same horse throughout the season.  · 
A $500 college scholarship will be awarded in each division to the rider accumulating the most points for the current year.  

Points of Interest for Show Managers
There is no cost to a horse show to provide these classes.
All medallions, ribbons, and payout will be provided to the horse show.
Payout for medallion classes will be $75, $50, $40, $30, $20, all paid by TWHBEA.
There is no entry fee to be collected for Medallion classes.
At SHOW affiliated shows, the inspection fee for Medallion entries will be $5.00.

Any horse show manager interested in adding Medallion classes at his/her show should contact Mallory Maddox at (931) 359-1574, [email protected], or Chris Hazelwood at (931) 215-2255, [email protected].