Kathy Gilliam-Cole has been elected as the director for the State of Washington for a two-year term to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Linda Arnold. The election was sent to a runoff following an initial tie between Gilliam-Cole and Jo Cheek.

In Kentucky, the election to fill the unexpired term of Spencer Benedict went to a runoff after an initial tie between Leslie Perry Collins and Joe Fraley. The runoff election resulted in another tie, with each receiving 44 votes. However, Sheree Bollinger, who was serving Carrie Benedict's remaining term on the board, has recently resigned from the Board. The resignation has been accepted by the Executive Committee, thus making room for both Collins and Fraley to serve. Both will be serving one-year terms.

With this election, the TWHBEA International Board of Directors has been finalized for the coming year. New directors will be sworn in on December 2, 2023 during their meeting, where they will also elect officers to serve on the Executive Committee.

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