At the regular monthly meeting of the TWHBEA, the issue of the investigation of Sand Creek Sales was discussed. After the meeting, the Walking Horse Report asked TWHBEA President Jerrold Pedigo if the TWHBEA had any comment or clarification to make on the investigation and he said not at the present time. 

Also, after the Executive Committee meeting, several members of the Enforcement Committee went to attorney Walter Bussart’s office in Lewisburg where a 1:30 investigative meeting had been scheduled with four representatives of Sand Creek Sales – Bob Kilgore, Kenny Lawrence, Brian Kilgore and Kim Wilson. Sand Creek had informed the committee last week that they would be unable to appear due to a conflict and asked the committee to work with them to schedule a meeting to get this matter resolved. 

Whether the committee went ahead with their meeting and any results of the meeting – formally or informally – has not been released by the TWHBEA. The Report knows that no one from Sand Creek attended. 

The Report contacted TWHBEA President Jerrold Pedigo again today and he said that there was nothing new to report but that much of the information being posted on an industry internet site was wrong. He said the TWHBEA hoped to have something to release soon. 

While The Report is frustrated and disappointed that the TWHBEA has not clarified the issues involved in this investigation, it is only fair to note that Enforcement Committee Chairman Jack Doss’ father passed away and he was unable to attend the meetings; Executive Director Charles Hulsey has just returned from a trip to Germany and President Jerrold Pedigo’s father is undergoing serious surgery. 

The Report will continue to follow this story and will update this site when additional information becomes available.