The TWHBEA is holding its First Annual Youth Leadership Conference December 3 and 4 at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, Tenn.

The Conference will be held in conjunction with the TWHBEA and Trainer’s Banquet weekend to facilitate youth members attending with their parents.

Nationally renowned motivational speaker, Matt Lohr of New Directions Communications, will lead the Conference. Lohr has energized over half a million students both nationwide and around the world and he has personalized a program specifically to meet the needs of our Walking Horse youth.

The cost for the Conference is $50 for TWHBEA youth members and $75 for non-members. Reservations are required and must be received by November 15th.

For more information on attending the TWHBEA Leadership Conference, contact Joni Jenne’ , TWHBEA Youth Coordinator at 931-359-1574 ext 156.