Posted November 17, 2000

by Jean Baum

Spring, summer and now fall, how speedily the whole show season has zoomed by. Even though Tennessee and many parts of the country are still going, the end of September is when Wisconsin calls it a year.

The day of this final show, held at Twilight Farm in Hartford, Wis., dawned rainy and cold, which cut down some on the number of horses. It still ended up being a fun, relaxing show (no show clothes required in the unpleasant conditions) with a total of 112 entries for Judge John Prigg of Michigan to tie.

Once again the two highest scoring exhibitors and their horses were Ideal’s Carbon Gray (entered in 14 classes) with owners Lynne and Gary Levy rotating their turns exhibiting this nice gelding and Bum’s Away (entered in 10 classes) and young owner Raelynn Greenwood bringing home five blues each.

Five different teams scored three wins each: Black Cloud’s Miss QB with both Amanda and Matt Huebner sharing the reins; Winston’s Dictator and Dick Baer; Gold Coin Hero and Kim Leonard; Hand Paint’d Lady shown by father and daughter Don Schetter and Kim Sizer; and Threat’s Sky King and Kricket Jewett.

Hard As Cash Surprise and Teresa Dietz brought home two victories, as did Generator’s Coal Dust for Sue and Dillon Schulz. A new horse for Nancy and Dick Baer, Etched In Time, gave them a blue, as did Eb’s Ramrod and new owner Sue Clement. Busting With Charisma and Pride’s Power Of Faith won the Yearling and Weanling classes respectively.

Thus the show year of 2000 came to an end, with many events still on the calender for the Wisconsin Walking Horse Association members: an overnight (or one day if you prefer) trail ride, the Fall Clinic with Diane Gueck, the Wisconsin Equine Clinic Presentation 2000, and to some, the most anticipated of all, the annual Awards Banquet.