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Two Entries Win Two Blues On Celebration’s Second Day

Posted August 23, 2001

by Carole Hargett

Thursday Morning

A select few have the priveledge of winning a Celebration blue. Imagine winning two blues on the same day. Two riders, Bill Marzinzik and Phil Peters, did just that during the Celebration’s second performance. The classes resumed in the Calsonic Arena promptly at 9:00 a.m.

The Model Park Pleasure Walking Stallions or Geldings got underway as 18 of 20 entries answered the call. Hankins assumed the call judge duties as this good class parked out. Perfectly groomed horses showing the full range of walking horse colors graced the ring: palominos, chestnuts, grays, roans and blacks. Armed Son Of A Gun, reserve in this class last year, was victorious for Jed & Geri Thompson. Jeff Givens handled this blue ribbons winner. Champagne High, world champion in last year’s class, modeled the red ribbon. Gayle Smith owns the entry shown by Larry Derryberry. Third tie went to Cody Coyote for Billy and Sue Dean; Charles Howard handled the entry.

A new division this year, the Amateur English Trail Pleasure, Riders 18 Years and Over, had 16 of the 30 entries listed. The crowd response mirrored that of the previous morning in their acceptance and enjoyment of this new class. Due to members’ recommendations for more three gaited classes, the Celebration responded to the suggestions and included more canter classes in its lineup. All the entries in this class treated the crowd to this gait, known as the rocking chair canter. Martin was in charge of the class. The trophy and blue ribbon were presented to Pay At The Pump, undefeated this year and continuing the streak. Owner Bill Marzinzik rode to the win. Another top entry, Papa’s Queen Lady, moved up from multiple ties last year to the reserve award for Shamma & Alkire. Dawn Bransfield was up. Mr. Reach, ridden by Tina Singleton, donned the yellow ribbon for his owner.

Tuck received 14 of 18 listed entries when he called the Park Pleasure Walking Horses, Four-Years-Old to the ring. This deep class of world-class talent performed the flat walk, running walk, and their recently acquired canter. Walking horses are usually introduced to this additional gait after their three-year-old year. As four-year-olds, the young horses usually have perfected the first two gaits and are ready to move on to new lessons. While the crowd waited for the tie, many also remarked that no shoes had been thrown in any classes to date. Lit Up’s Double Time, with Willie Cook, Jr. up, added another Celebration trophy and blue ribbon to their collection. Randall and Gloria Dixon own this multi-world champion. Trish Wooten picked up a red ribbon in this competitive class on In Excess. Burns and Pitzer of Menifer, Calif., own the entry. Howard Hamilton accepted another class tie as he rode Armed Red Baron for Charles Lowe to a third place tie.

Trail pleasure entries were greeted by an enthusiastic audience when the Amateur Western Trail Pleasure, Riders 18 Years and Over class began. Carpenter called 19 entries of 35 possible entrants into this canter class. To emphasize the importance of obedience on the trail, the announcer asked the class to “Halt” and all entries were expected to stop immediately. The class lined up as the organist, Connie Dunlap, played a familiar Tennessee tune: Rocky Top. Bill Marzinzik returned for second time on Pay At The Pump as they were victorious in the class. Repeating an earlier reserve tie this same day was Papa’s Queen Lady with Dawn Bransfield up. Completing the identical tie for third was Mr. Reach for owner and rider Tina Singleton.

Twenty-six entries of 38 crowded the track as they answered the call for Amateur Owned and Trained Walking Horses class. This is a two-gait class and no professional training within 90 days from the start of the Celebration is allowed. The first workout of the session was called by Hankins. Seven numbers were called to park in as the remainder of the class went to the rail. Six numbers joined those previously called as they positioned themselves around the ring. Before beginning the workout, time was called for a groom to check on Gen’s Gold Coin Lady. Time quickly resumed and the class was in action. The crowd followed suit as the crowd hollered for their favorite. This was short-lived; another time out was called for a lost action devise. Within a few minutes, the class resumed to the cheers of the growing crowd. Amateur owner and trainer Debbie Wells, riding I’m Pushin’ Delight, rode away with the trophy and blue ribbon. Stormy’s Black Rain donned the red ribbon as Summer Sullivan guided her familys’ entry to the good tie. Bill Broom and 5 Star Rating were third in the class.

It was Hands’ turn to call the next class. Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Lite Shod, Specialty, Amateur Riders began. Of 33 entries, 21 made the gate call. The crowd was again treated to a class full of world champions from across the country. Edging out two multi-world champions was Rambo’s Velvet Shadow and Phil Peters for Charles and Julie Peters of Conroe, Texas. World champion in last year’s class, Starstruck by JFK and Joe Dixon received the second place tie. World champion Sundrop Country and owner Mary Woodall brought home the third place ribbon in this deep class.

Park Pleasure Walking Horses, Three Years Old, entered the gate as 23 of 33 entries vied for the blue. It was Martin’s turn to make the call. Sherri Pollack garnered the win on Gen’s Major Coin in this good class. Moving up a notch from a fourth place tie last year was Caprice’s Lady Gen and Mike Civils. A Gen Rummy and Howard Hamilton returned for another ribbon, this time a third place tie.

The entries in class 19 quickly answered the gate call. It was Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Two Year Old, Lite Shod. Sixteen horses filled the ring of the 20 horses eligible. Doug Barnes rode the winning entry of Lawrence and Hutto, Jose Quervo Gold. Both riders have been successful at Middle Tennessee. shows aboard this champion. Wendell Kirkpatrick owns and rides the reserve entry of New Millenium Generator. Jim Potter and Genius Boy’s Masterpiece collected the yellow ribbon for owners Scot & Brenda Walker.

Novice Amateur English Trail Pleasure Riders on Novice Walking Horses, Specialty was the only split class of the morning. Division A entered with 24 of 28 entries filling the ring. The English trail pleasure classes have been well attended in each session. (As the class prepared to go on the reverse, Papa’s Queen Lady and Summer Shamma exited the ring; she was reminded that Division B was her assigned class.)

Sheer Fashion and Harry Brewer of Greenback, Tenn., won the blue in an across the board decision and thus graduated from the novice division. Collecting another ribbon in two days was Allen All Around and Carolyn Logue for Rose Beacher. Major Alibi and Deloris Gibbany of Harrison, Ark. rode for the Gibbany family.

Division B was quickly called by Hand and 24 of 28 entries filled the class. The horses seemed to glide by as the five judges viewed their performance. At the top of their class and no longer novices, Olympic Angel and Marilyn Friedman, Hidden Hills, Calif. claimed their blue. Returning to receive another reserve tie in the morning session was Papa’s Queen Lady and Summer Shamma. Blonda Ambition and Lisa Weaver demonstrated their ability, as they had throughout the year, and rode away with the third tie.

Amateur novice riders and their novice horses were evaluated in class 21 by call judge Hankins. Twenty-eight entries arrived for the Novice Park Pleasure Walking Stallions or Geldings, Specialty, Amateur Novice Riders class. The high-stepping, head-shaking entries received encouragement from their supporters in the stands. The crowd was definitely involved in this class. Exiting their novice status, Tommy Halmontaller rode the Charles Brantley entry, Fashion Watch. Go Boy’s Dark Spirit and Jennifer Pendleton captured the reserve award for Lavender, Lavender & Huckaby. The third place ribbon went to Strutt’s Dynamic, owned and ridden by Jeff Fizer.

The morning classes were nearing an end as class 22, the Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Four Years and Under, Lite Shod, Specialty, Amateur Riders class began for call judge Martin. As the horses reversed, one entry asked for and received permission to leave the class. Congradulations were in order for Pusher’s Beaming Pride CK, the class winner. Jim Nichols was up on the entry owned by Jim and Debbie Nichols. Bob Medina’s mount, Silver Sundance Lady, was world champion last year and now claimed reserve. This entry also claimed a blue during the Wednesday session in the pleasure driving class. A Daring Affair and Faye Lynn Coffey rode away with the yellow ribbon for Shelbyville owners, Bill and Dale Murray.

Entries in the final class of the morning numbered 14 for call judge Tuck. Five entries did not answer the gate call as the Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Lite Shod, Specialty, Amateur Riders got underway. One entry asked for and received permisson to be excused. Rambo’s Velvet Shadow recieved the victory for the second time this morning with Charles Peters in the irons. World champion Sun’s Top Gold and Craig Swaggerty captured the second award. A Beam Come True and Diane Gueck received the third place tie.

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