The Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization (TWSHO) is excited to announce a partnership with the strategic communications firm, Purple Strategies. Purple Strategies is a national public affairs firm specializing in brand management, reputation, digital communications, and strategic campaign consulting.

The partnership was formed at the initiative of horse owners that are dedicated to preserving and protecting the well being of the show horse and the integrity of the sport. Allegations of abuse have recently plagued the industry, and TWSHO is working with the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA) and horse show management and Horse Industry Organizations (HIO) to implement an objective, science-based testing protocol for the caustic agents that can sore a horse and the masking agents that can hide evidence of soring.

TWSHO announced yesterday a new governing Board of Directors to represent the collective interests of members with the ultimate goal of preventing cruelty within the sport while promoting the proud history of the industry. And Purple Strategies will work with this leadership to guide the organization’s strategic communications efforts and conduct its media outreach efforts.

Together, TWSHO and Purple Strategies will work to create a network of owners to prevent animal abuse and promote the safety of horses. While strong advocates for the sport, the leaders of TWSHO are first and foremost horse lovers and will not tolerate in any way any practice that harms these beautiful and majestic animals. And they have committed to continue their work until every horse, in every class, in every show is sound and healthy.